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How Technology has changed our Lives

The 21st century is the era of Technological advancement and approach with newer and better technological advancements being accomplished day by day. Besides, as we speak, Technology is continuing to change our lives, sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. Today, we will learn how technology has changed our lives.

Introduction of Technology in our lives

The whole world is now standing on Technology. Because without technology, we are now reasonably indirectly obsolete. Though the history of Technology does not go way back, many have relied heavily on Technology since creating the Internet. And by Technology, we mean computers or computer-related devices. Although many scientists started researching different technology products a long time ago, the use of Technology began mainly in 1971 due to the invention of microprocessors. This is because the creation of this processor led to the widespread introduction of microcomputers and personal computers.


How Technology has Changed our Lives

Initially, these computers were limited in scope, but with the invention of microprocessors by Intel in 1981 and IBM in 1981, the range of these computers continued to grow day by day. One by one, new chips and chips are added to the appropriate program. The invention of microprocessors and microchips gradually led to the transformation of other devices, including computers. As computers get smaller, the prices come within reach of different companies. The use of computers and Technology in different organizations began. As a result of the invention of this technology, the information on various official works is stored on these computers. The use of paper is declining.

People started keeping a lot of personal data on this computer. As a result of the convenience of use, this technology product is adopted worldwide and is widely used.

The Internet system takes this Technology one step further. Although the Internet was created in 1990, the Internet began to be used commercially in 1995 after all obstacles were removed. And right after that, the technology product and its use have undergone more extensive changes.

Several companies around the world are struggling to make small technology products suitable for internet use. Then in 2004, the advent of internet-based social media Facebook brought more changes to the technology product. The competition to be present through social media begins.

And based on this, companies create laptops, smartphones, tabs, and small portable PCs. Prices are also within reach of the people keeping pace with the overall economic situation and time. So now we are hand in hand with smartphones and tabs or laptops.


The Change of Technology by 2020

By 2020, the use of Technology has taken shape and changed a lot. For example:

  1. Change in Office Systems: The use of paper in offices and companies has decreased. The pace of work has doubled. Various plans are being displayed through projectors. Due to lack of time, the description of the creation is being seen on the Smartphone or laptop.
  2. E-Commerce instead of Commerce: The sale of products is going on social media or various websites. A customer can see and buy all the descriptions, including the quality of the product.
  3. Online Jobs: Only computer-based employment is increasing day by day. Added to this is the internet-based freelancing action. Through which millions of people at this time are only involved in the freelancing profession—millions of dollars in remittances from abroad.
  4. Online Shopping: Most people no longer go to the market. Complete all their shopping online. There is a lot of potential for income from the Internet. So many have turned their attention to the Internet-based profession instead of pursuing a job.
  5. Online Socialization: You don’t have to go out to talk to your friends. Study at home using social media. Web sites have been created on various topics when everyone is watching and downloading from the website.
  6. Internet to Fight Pandemic: Corona is a deadly disease. At the time of the outbreak of this disease, technology products, and the Internet kept people active. Teachers are taking classes in colleges, schools, etc., using technology product. It is now easy to speak from anywhere in the world.

Over time every profession is now online based. Everyone is leaning towards online to make a little extra income along with the demand of people.

The Impact of Technology and Internet on our Lives

At this time, internet or technology products are everyone’s favorite things as with these two things, almost everything becomes more accessible. You don’t have to go anywhere to transact money. People do transactions through mobile Technology. This technology product and the Internet do not solve any problem in life. Technology is constantly being updated. Users are adding thousands of services along with the demand. Anyone can lead an everyday life without leaving home. Besides, we can find any product or valuable item sitting at home.

Technology products have made people’s lives easier and more accessible. Technology products and Internet has made everything from income to expenditure possible. Internet has created different ways of thinking in people’s thoughts. This technology product is mainly responsible for creating an international standard of living. People are learning and understanding different things on the Internet. This has reduced people’s fear. It is now customary to move from one country to another. All issues related to this issue, such as passports, visas are available on the Internet and technology products.

Earlier, people used to crowd in different studios to take pictures. And now, with the development of Technology, it is possible to take thousands of images with a single Smartphone. We are using 4K Smart TV in place of regular TV. Besides, we can do any work effortlessly with an internet connection.

The Impact of Technology and Internet on our Lives in Corona

Technology has changed our lives the most in the Corona era. Due to the lockdown, people could never go outside or buy anything. People couldn’t go anywhere. So the use of Technology has been the most at this time. As entrepreneurs create different companies, the prices of technology products also go down. As a result, anyone can buy and use the product as they wish. Due to the income of technology products, there is a massive demand for it among the people.

There is immense potential to use one’s career and experience in the international arena. It has made it possible to do business and trade goods with the rest of the world. Now anyone can do business with the world if they want to. Can see the product directly, can check the quality. Massive changes in various online transactions. It has been possible to bring in international money. Transferring wages has become more accessible.

Technology products are constantly changing depending on human needs. Developers are creating various mobile apps to make it easier for people to meet their needs. The emergence of technology products has created employment in various mediums such as Graphics Designer, Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Virtual Assistant, Content Writer, Social Media Manager, etc.

Today, no country is lagging in keeping pace with the rest of the world. People are moving forward in their respective positions with their own experience and skills. Many people today stand tall in the court of the world. The services of various software and apps are gradually increasing. People are promoting any product online. It is also creating different websites in terms of human needs and bringing other quality and types of service.


Finally, it can be said that we are noticing a considerable change in the lives of people with technology and technology products which has not been seen before. This technology has penetrated every work of human beings. From small children to big people, everyone is leaning on this Technology. The technology products and their use are meeting most of the needs of the people starting from the calculation of income and expenditure.

At present, technology has changed our lives drastically, and in the future, Technology will keep changing people’s lives more and more with the latest inventions.

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