Pointer gourd works to control heart disease
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Pointed gourds control heart disease – Know How!

Pointed Gourd is one of the best tools to control your heart-related problems and keep your heart fully functional. So, today we will learn about how pointed gourds control heart disease.

Introduction to Pointed Gourds work to Control Heart Disease

Pointed Gourd is a popular vegetable in South Asia. It is a tropical vegetable crop with an origin in the Indian subcontinent. Although it is a summer vegetable, it is now available throughout the year. The fruit is the edible part of the plant which is cooked in various ways either alone or in combination with other vegetables or meats. Research shows that in addition to vitamins like beta carotene, riboflavin, thiamine, and ascorbic acid, it also contains calcium and antioxidants. According to nutritionists, the fiber in this green vegetable also works to control gastrointestinal and heart diseases.


People widely cultivate it in Bangladesh and the eastern and some northern parts of India, especially in Northeastern Andhra, Odisha, Bengal, Assam, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. One can see this small vegetable in Bangladesh throughout the year. We call it ‘Green potato’ in India and ‘Potol’ or ‘Parwal’ in Bangladesh. Cooks use Pointed gourd soup in a variety of dishes in Nepal, South Asia, the West Indies, and Australia. And in Indonesia, star fry, coconut milk, or steamed is also used to cook nutritious Pointed Gourd.


Delicious Pointed Gourd has more various uses, along with mash, bhaji, fish, and various vegetables. And Yogurt Pointed Gourd, Pointed Gourd Dolma and Hilsa Pointed Gourd soup bring a new taste to the leaves of Bengali food lovers.

Health Benefits of Pointed Gourd

  • In addition to beta carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, ascorbic acid, the pointed gourd also contains calcium, sodium, and antioxidants, the research said. Green vegetables contain fiber which helps indigestion. It is also effective in treating gastrointestinal and liver problems.
  • Pointed gourds purify our blood. It helps to clean our blood and tissues. As a result, our skin also gets care. For each and every human being, blood purification is very essential. It will keep you free from all diseases. By eating pointed gourd, you can get the benefit of blood purification. So, you will be able to lead a happy and healthy life.
  • Due to the change of seasons, we often face a lot of health problems as well as flu, cold, etc. Our immunity becomes weak in that time. But pointed gourds have the capacity to boost our immunity. If can consume pointed gourds regularly, it will help you to boost your immunity, to reduce different health problems and you will also get rid of many seasonal diseases.
  • Pointed gourds contain a huge amount of fiber. We know that fiber improves our digestive power. As pointed gourds contain a great quantity of fiber, you can keep this vegetable in your diet plan to improve your digestive power. Eating pointed gourds is a tradition in India to get rid of digestive problems.
  • Nowadays, many people are facing problems to control blood sugar and cholesterol. When eating pointed gourds, don’t throw the seeds out. The seeds contain anti-oxidants. As a result, the seeds of pointed gourds help to control blood sugar and cholesterol in a natural way.
  • People are now getting fat for many reasons. Many people are trying hard to lose weight and become slim. But it is not a matter of short time. It is a natural and continuous process. The pointed gourd is a natural solution in this regard. This vegetable also works on weight control. It is low in calories. If you eat this vegetable base curry, your stomach will feel fuller and you can easily reduce your weight in a natural way.

Pointed Gourds Control Heart Disease

Nowadays, heart diseases are increasing to a great extent. People all over the world are facing heart problems. They are spending a great amount of money to get rid of these diseases. But pointed gourd can be an amazing solution for this purpose.

Our heart diseases happen for our irregular and unhealthy diet as well as an imbalanced daily routine. We often eat excessive foods or harmful food items from our temptation. If we continue these habits for a long time, fat and bad cholesterol increase in our blood. As a result, our heart cannot pump blood perfectly and cannot operate all its functions properly. So, we feel heart diseases. To reduce heart problems, we need to decrease fat and bad cholesterol in our blood.

As mentioned above, pointed gourd helps us to lose our extra weight. As a result, we can get rid of harmful fat. This vegetable and its seeds contain a good amount of anti-oxidants. So, it can help us to reduce bad cholesterols. Overall, by consuming pointed gourd, we can reduce the issues which occur heart problems.

Pointed Gourd in Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicines are based on natural ingredients. The pointed gourd is also used in ayurvedic medicines for many purposes. 

By making a paste of pointed gourd, a medicine is prepared to cure headache in ayurvedic. This paste is applied to our heads. To cure liver disease, two teaspoons of leaf juice of pointed gourd are taken in ayurvedic medicine. Leaf juice of pointed gourd in addition to honey and warm water is taken in case of curing skin diseases. 

Expert’s Review on Pointed Gourd

Agriculturist and Nutritionist Dr. Monirul Islam said, “Pointed Gourd is a low-calorie rich vegetable and is also rich in vitamins A and C. Contains antioxidants and is very helpful in enhancing the beauty of the skin. In addition to preventing the body from producing free radicals, it helps prevent the effects of aging. Moreover, pointed gourds are very good for diabetes patients. Moreover, it controls the blood cholesterol level”.


The pointed gourd is undoubtedly a healthy vegetable for us. It has a lot of health benefits. Actually, nature gives us solutions to almost every health problem and disease in a natural way. If we can consume natural and seasonal fruits, vegetables, and other items with a balanced diet plan, we can easily lead a healthy and happy life. The pointed gourd is one of these natural items which gives us numerous health benefits. So, consume this vegetable to be healthy, happy, and slim.

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