Synergy Fitness: Exercise for the Whole Body
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Synergy Fitness: Exercise for the Whole Body

Synergy Fitness is a program spread worldwide, keeping in mind the perfect health and perfect body. Today, we will learn about the Synergy Fitness Exercise for the Whole Body.

Anna Shapiro and Rebecca D’Amour about Synergy Fitness Part 1

We are very fortunate in the Bay Area to access a multitude of alternative health care providers. Such as – body-workers, organic foods, natural products, and fitness/movement techniques.

One of the hardest areas to look for is a conditioning technique that is right for you. A technique must be open enough to accommodate many different types of physiques and personality. A teacher or trainer must design a program that addresses you as a unique being without shaping you into what they believe you should be.

Through research and subjective experience, we discover that our thoughts and attitudes can strengthen or weaken our immune systems. Conversely, chronic illness and injury can have a depressing effect on the mind and spirit. Therefore, a holistic approach to fitness makes sense.

Anna Shapiro and Rebecca D’Amour about Synergy Fitness Part 2

Joseph H. Pilates was one of the pioneers of the holistic approach in our culture. Born in Germany in 1880, he was a weak and sickly child due to rickets and rheumatic fever.

Pilates developed an interest in fitness to fend off bullies from the schoolyard. Pilates left Germany for Great Britain in 1912 to train as a professional boxer. But the outbreak of World War I shortened that goal, as he was interned working as a nurse in a camp for enemy aliens.

Because many of the injured were bedridden, Pilates invented a pulley system. The Pulley System allowed patients to regain strength, mobility, and flexibility from their beds.

The patient’s Pilates worked with experienced a miraculous recovery. This system was the predecessor of the unique equipment that Pilates would later develop in the US. Many have claimed that it was a man with a 50-year advantage.

Of his time, which can be evidenced by the current popularity of his methods and yoga, Feldenkrais, etc.?

More and more people are discovering the joy and increased quality of life that true fitness brings. Fortunately, we have passed the 1980s, which brought a greater awareness of fitness. But with a mechanistic view of the body as something that must be aerobic in the pursuit of perfection.

Now we face the challenge of integrating various disciplines. When a single person develops a system like Pilates, a system that produces extraordinary results, there is always the temptation to stay within the prescribed framework. However, we are constantly learning more about how the different disciplines are connected and how we can apply them to suit each individual.


Synergy Fitness

At Synergy Fitness Exercise for the Whole Body, in addition to using Pilate’s equipment, Rebecca D’Amour and her trainers are continually learning new techniques to increase the effectiveness of their work with clients.

Synergy Fitness Exercise for the Whole Body does not emphasize any technique but incorporates strength training and rehabilitation with release work, such as my office and Rolfing techniques.

It is a mistake to approach the body with a rigid method. Just as one person may respond to certain psychotherapy, others will not respond at all.

That is why a good therapist/teacher is always open to new angles. They serve those who do not respond to a conventional method. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of a good coach include diagnosing a person’s body patterns. They see which patterns are functional and dysfunctional, assessing injuries, and creating a program to integrate new positive patterns with existing functional patterns. It is also important to determine the client’s wants, needs, and level of commitment.

Perhaps most importantly, exercise should be enjoyable. It should be a release from the stress of our hectic society. Too many see exercise as a chore or a burden, another unpleasant task to tick off.

Exercise should be an essential part of our day that we look forward to. It is just like sleeping and eating. And just as sleeping or eating can take on a spiritual dimension, it can also be with movement.


The Pilates Method of Conditioning: A Medical Point of View

Joseph Pilates founded the Pilates Method of Conditioning in the early 1900s. Joseph, a fragile boy and helpless in several fights in the schoolyard, worked to develop his body strength.

As a nurse during the war, he began to experiment with placing springs in patients’ hospital beds. That allowed him to begin exercising before he could even get out of bed. Pilates found that the springs gave enough resistance to the patients’ muscles to help them recover.

This led him to expand his work and devise even more exercises. After moving from Europe, he and his wife Clare opened a studio in New York and operated it for more than 40 years.

This method has been used by dancers for many years. Also, it attracted many other followers such as gymnasts, divers, professional footballers and those who suffer from low back pain. Doctors also use it in physical therapy and, in some cases, use it to replace standard therapy.

It is not a simple collection of exercises only. Rather it is a method that trainers have carefully developed over 60 years through use and observation. Doctors have found this method to be an adjunct to standard physical therapy. Thus, they recommend it as an excellent means of general conditioning.

“This is probably more comprehensive more than many of the exercise programs, and we use it in the traditional physical therapy setting.” – Medical Director of Sports Medicine, San Francisco Memorial Hospital

More Explanation

The Pilates method corrects imbalances and faulty neuromuscular patterns. It can help restore full range of motion, strength, and control. Individual programs developed for specific injuries and weaknesses reduce the chance of imbalances after recovery.

The Pilates Method emphasizes the restoration of the true balance of the body. These exercises build strength, flexibility, endurance. Besides, they improve posture, alignment, coordination, and balance.

Pilates developed the exercises from a series of movements. People used to perform the exercises on a mat. They used to revise them and make them perform on the Reformer. The Reformer is a horizontal platform the size of a double bed attached to a cart by four springs that slide along the tracks.

The springs offer between 10 and 160 pounds of pressure. Trainers emphasize the quality of each movement is with an emphasis on attention to detail. They also emphasize respiratory and abdominal support in each movement sequence. Increased awareness of breathing helps increase oxygen intake during training. And it leaves you energized and refreshed.


The exercises altogether provide a very balanced form of daily workout. They help any individual with their everyday life and gym routine. So, synergy fitness exercise is the best exercise you can perform out there!

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