Since 2002, Valvette Systems has worked to reduce the water used in sprinklers and showers. We produce the ONLY sprinklers in the world intended to conserve water. LittleValves, a technology from the twenty-first century, are used in all our parts and products. The only sprinkler manufacturer that is also a certified irrigation and landscaping contractor is Valvette Systems. Our sprinkler conservation parts in most household and commercial sprinkler systems link directly to sprinkler head assemblies. Each one of them includes our own In-Stem Flow Regulator. We manufacture the components required for conserving water in showers and sprinklers. We have released two new solutions for interior plumbing in buildings with showers. Water-saving, the same IFR technology is used in LittleValve shower arms and shower arm adapters as in our sprinkler parts. Our devices reduce water use and heating costs, and sewer fees based on water usage. As a result, money is saved on three separate areas of a typical power bill.



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