Timmys Tanur in one of the ultimate destination for delicious and authentic Halal food in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Located at 4465 Drummond Rd, our restaurant offers a unique culinary experience, specializing in Shawarma, wood oven-baked Pizza, and a variety of mouthwatering Halal dishes.
At Timmys Tanur, we take pride in serving only the finest quality Halal food to our valued customers. We sourcing premium ingredients and prepare every dishes with ultimate care. You can trust us to deliver an exceptional dining experience whether you are a local resident or a visitor.
One of our signature offerings is our Shawarma, a beloved Middle Eastern dish that has gained popularity worldwide. Prepared using a secret blend of aromatic spices, marinated meat is slow-roasted on a vertical spit, resulting in tender, flavorful slices. Served with freshly baked bread, a selection of delectable sauces, and a variety of toppings, our Shawarma is a true delight for the senses.



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