TeraDrive Data Recovery, a premier supplier of data recovery services, is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Hard drives, flash drives, RAID servers, and solid state drives are just a few of the storage devices from which we can recover deleted data. You can be sure that we are always up to date on the newest technology because we have successfully finished dozens of courses from reputable training providers over the years, including AceLab, iPad Rehab, X-Ways, Access Data, CompTIA, BlackBag, Vound, Cellebrite, and more. You can depend on us to produce on time, within budget, and without any unnecessary hassles because of our competence and efficiency.

Our team has more than 14 years of expertise recovering data for international governmental and commercial organisations. We have dealt with everything from severely corroded and water-damaged phones to encrypted RAID servers, hard drives retrieved from burned buildings, and even black boxes from aircraft crashes. You can count on us to assist you in recovering your data if you have been victimised by malware. Given the urgency of the situation, our staff will start looking for a method to decrypt your files right away. Sometimes cybercriminals would use malware that had already existed, such as Gandcrab, SOS, Cryptolocker, or Dharma. In this case, we’ll be ready to rapidly access your files using the appropriate decryption methods.


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