In the heart of Houston, nestled on Shiloh Church Rd, lies Puptown Daycare Boarding and Training – a sanctuary for every dog lover and furry companion. As you embark on the quest of “dog training near me” or “dog obedience classes near me,” Puptown emerges as synonymous with excellence, commitment, and affordable solutions for Houston’s dog owners.

Every dog is unique, just like their owner. At Puptown, we pride ourselves on our tailored approach to training, ensuring that each dog gets the attention, care, and exercise regimen best suited for them. Whether foundational puppy training or advanced K9 training, our seasoned dog trainers possess the skills to address your canine’s needs; for those seeking private dog training lessons, Puptown offers a holistic experience, setting it apart from chain stores like PetSmart and Petco.

Beyond basic obedience, we delve deeper into specialized training areas. For pups showing aggressive tendencies, our aggressive dog training in Houston pinpoints and addresses root behavioral issues. Simultaneously, our dog agility training in Houston ensures your furry friend listens and stays active and agile.

Location is vital, and for residents in Houston Heights, Katy, and the surrounding Houston area, Puptown ensures easy access and convenience. Additionally, understanding that time can be a constraint, our 2-week and 4-week dog training programs offer compressed, intensive training regimes.

Moreover, sending your dog away for training doesn’t sit well. In that case, our mobile dog training services bring the expertise right to your doorstep. And, if you prefer the in-home board and train model, we’ve got you covered.

Cost is often a concern when it comes to dog training. What is the average cost to train a dog? At Puptown, we prioritize transparency with competitive dog training Houston prices, making quality training accessible to all.

For those who need more than just training, our dog boarding training in Houston ensures that your pet gets a comfortable stay and top-notch training. Dubbed one of Houston’s best dog boarding services, Puptown’s facility guarantees security, comfort, and care for your beloved pet.


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