Since establishment in 2014, Movement Hub Santa Clara has set out to offer the best private and semi private training experience.
Upon origination our goal was to offer two things; the best quality training and programming, and industry leading customer experience.
We have committed to making the fitness experience not only a high quality one, but a sustainable one; making strong and resilient bodies that can endure the rigor of everyday life. From athletes, to professionals, to seniors, and anywhere in between, our commitment has always been the same, to get and keep our members fit, moving well, and keeping that movement as a part of their life.
Stemming from foundational movement patterns, and varieties thereof our programming has always been designed with movement in mind. From lunging, hinging, pushing, pulling, and carrying, our commitment is to get our members strong while moving well.
All of our training staff have backgrounds in Kinesiology or related fields and are fellow fitness enthusiasts themselves, excited to inspire and integrate fitness and wellness into the lives of our members.
We continue to be grateful to serve the Silicon Valley, and are excited to keep improving the lives of our members through movement, health, and wellness.

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