Makeup is dismissed as superficial and frivolous. It does, however, have power. For some, it’s a form of protection. Others utilize it to express themselves. A highlighter may be more than a highlighter, and a foundation can be more than a foundation. They can morph, protect, and do so much more.
You may be unsure about the importance of cosmetics, but we can assure you that it is crucial. Think outside of yourself, even if it doesn’t seem essential. While you may feel that skincare is more important than makeup, some use cosmetics to increase their confidence and emotions. We’ll lay down the reasons why makeup is vital ahead to help you comprehend. We’ve probably all thought to ourselves, “Should I employ a makeup artist for my shoot?” Is it necessary for me to do it for the wedding as well? It can start to seem a little excessive, and I completely get… You’re probably thinking something similar to this. I want to seem like the “genuine me” rather than a “fake me.”Is it pricey to hire a professional makeup artist? I’m afraid I won’t enjoy it! Even though I don’t apply makeup at all, the thought of wearing fake eyelashes is “too much for me.”Is it possible for me to accomplish it on my own? Perhaps you’re pondering some of the same questions. Makeup does not and should not define you. I’m only sharing this to inform you about what I see with my camera and why it’s always crucial to have your makeup done properly for any sort of session. If you’re not wearing much makeup, the way a professional camera catches light will tend to wash off your skin. If you don’t have enough depth in your face, such as with a long-lasting foundation, a heavier contour than usual, blush, artificial eyelashes, and so on, your face may appear pail in the final photographs. Lipstick has a vital role as well. So, If you are looking for a makeup artist near me then the best makeup artist in NYC, is Jen. She has over 20 years of experience and titles as the Best Makeup Artist by Allure Magazine.No matter if you want makeup for teens, glow makeup, makeup for interviews, yoga glow, makeup makeover, beauty basics, beauty enhancer, makeup for business, makeup for events, mommy makeover, makeup mantra, fast makeup you can get it all here at Jen Cayle Gaum. If you want to look your best, a beauty expert is a requirement, and Jenn is the top beauty guru in New York. Please phone us at 917-685-3933 if you need to get in touch with us. If you’d like to meet us in person, our address is New York, NY 10011.

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