Fully Loaded Defense is committed to the community in teaching gun safety and situational awareness. Not only is it our goal to have our students exercise their American right to bear arms, but also be ready to protect themselves, their loved ones and their home. We have a tight network of professionals to properly set you up for success is gun safety and self-defense. Between partnerships with the USCCA and sponsorships with local gun shops like Triple T guns, we can arm you with the adequate protection with insurance, firearms, legal counsel and the knowledge of all aspects of firearm safety.

Once signed up with Fully Loaded Defense LLC we will introduce a supportive network that will keep you engaged and part of a tight family community. We offer concealed carry classes, women only classes, Home Defense, Home Strategy Planning and Basic Pistol Fundamentals. We will give you our 110% undivided attention and share all our knowledge and resources we have.

We are not a tactical school, we cater to the everyday average American to insure we supply the knowledge, training and confidence to protect yourself during your everyday life. We will teach you firearm safety, situational awareness, avoidance and proper gun maintenance. Remember to always carry and Stay Fully Loaded!


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